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Grandma's House works with Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Arkansas State Police, Local Hospitals, School Districts, Prosecutor's Offices, and the Arkansas Department of Human Services-Division of Children and Family Services.


During their visit to Grandma's House, children can meet with one of our trained and certified Forensic Interviewers where they can tell their stories one-on-one in a comfortable environment. Our goal is to provide the only interview needed rather than have the child or children be interviewed by multiple members of the investigation team at several often-frightening locations.

The interview will be recorded (audio and visually) to aid in the goal of a singular interview.If a child needs a medical examination, it can be done in a child-friendly environment by a specialized Forensic Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.


Our Child and Family Advocate meets with families to answer questions and provide resources to help them through this difficult time. From referrals for in-house trauma focused counseling, to a drink and snack of choice; our advocates are here to ensure the family has all the information and resources they need to overcome the challenges ahead.

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