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The role of a parent is to protect and care for his/her child. Educating yourself on who abuses children and what methods they use is one of the best ways you can help to protect all the children in your life, including your own.

Child sexual abuse thrives in the darkness, and the best way we can combat it and provide safe and nurturing environments for children is to learn as much as we can. Shedding light on this topic is how you can create a safer and brighter future for all children.

Grandma's House provides:

  • Hands-on education and advocacy regarding child abuse in its many forms, including the steps to take if you suspect your child or another child you know is being abused

  • Guidance through the process of contacting The Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline (800-482-5964)

  • Family Resources

  • Personal Advocacy for your child and family to help begin the healing process

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